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Pioneer Cranes & Elevators is one of the renowned Wire Rope Hoists Manufacturers India. We offer the best quality of wire rope hoists to the customers across the globe at market competitive costs. We use high-grade raw materials to manufacture hoists along with using advanced technology. The hoists manufactured by us come with features to work in extreme condition.

Key Highlights

Our wire rope hoists are known for its extensive functional life, high efficiency, and elasticity. Pioneer Cranes & Elevators We offer hoists which are tested on several parameters so it fulfills all norms of industrial guidelines. During productions, we emphasize on the overall quality of the wire rope hoists which can serve year after year. The hoist is a robust unit and can be used in number of innovative ways. Due to its long-lasting features and robust qualities, our hoists are much-admired by our customer across the region.


  • Long-lasting and high efficiency
  • State of the art design
  • Robust quality & flexible
  • Dual protection for travel limit
  • High-grade materials used

The hoist is a robust unit and can be used in number of innovative ways as detailed below.

Technical Data For Wire Rope Hoists

Wire Rope Hoists
DescriptionUnits0.5 Ton1 Ton2 Ton3 Ton
Length (L)MM96012001460103512351500103512451550103512501600
Breadth (B)MM615650660885
Height (H)MM8909109801075
Rope FallsNo.4444
Hoist MotorH.P. (KW)1.0 (0.74)1.5 (1.11)2 (1.48)3 (2.2)3 (2.2)5 (3.7)5 (3.7)7.5 (5.55)
Trolley MotorH.P. (KW)0.25 (0.18)0.5 (0.37)0.5 (0.37)0.75 (0.55)
Hoist SpeedMTRS./MIN.4444
Trolley SpeedMTRS./MIN.16161616
Rope SizeMM88810


DescriptionUnits5 Ton7.5 Ton10 Ton15 Ton20 Ton
Length (L)MM115012601330127514101625134515001750185019502000
Breadth (B)MM10251105123017002000
Height (H)MM11501275140014751600
Rope FallsNo.44444
Hoist MotorH.P. (KW)7.5 (5.55)10 (7.4)10 (7.4)15 (11.1)15 (11.1)20 (14.8)25 (18.5)
Trolley MotorH.P. (KW)1 (0.74)1.5 (1.11)1.5 (1.11)2 (1.48)3 (2.2)
Hoist SpeedMTRS./MIN.43333
Trolley SpeedMTRS./MIN.1614121212
Rope SizeMM1214162025