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PIONEER CRANES & ELEVATORS Today’s industry is looking out for speeding up their business process, reducing human efforts and streamlining the work efficiency. Our Double Girder EOT Cranes are designed to best match the industry trend and reduce the hassle. With providing cranes with excellent lifting capacity, low-maintenance and easy operations, we have won customers’ trust and become an ideal solution for today’s industry, ensuring the movement of heavy machinery stress-free.

The Double Girder EOT Cranes Manufacturers in India by us come PIONEER CRANES & ELEVATORS with longer span feature; enhanced capacities. These machines carry heavy weight easily. They are equipped with plenty of hoisting capacities that allow proper use of the auxiliary lifting mechanism.

Since every client has his own specific need, PIONEER CRANES & ELEVATORS we manufacturers a wide range of double girder EOT crane units in both standard and customized versions. It enables us to meet the clients’ need and provides with them optimum design structure control interface and stability.

Some of the key benefits of our double girder EOT cranes include:

  • Multiple speed selection options

  • Easy maintenance options

  • Wide ranges of customization options

  • Maximum stability and substantially of high level of performance

  • Bolted design for geometric reliability during assembling

  • Span that ranges anywhere between 5 meters and 40 meters

  • Capacity to carry extremely heavy weights ranging between 1 and 150 tons
  • Higher hook lift since the hook can be pulled up between the two main girders.

At Pioneer, our Double Girder Cranes successfully fulfill the needs of a wide range of industries such as the Steel Furnace, Paper-Mills, Pipe mills and heavy Engineering Industries. We also manufacturers Cane unloaded for sugar mills, goliath crane. Our engineers also manufacturers quality units to meet the demands of several international buyers as well. Due to the quality of service and timely delivery, we have been able to build a long-term relationship with our clients.